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This is one of our favorite Tamilian dish. My family fell in love with this tangy and spicy curry when our neighbor shared this with us.  I told her how much I loved it and requested her for the recipe. Guess what she did?  She gave me a list of all the ingredients and asked me to call her after getting it ready. I did just that and to my utter delight she came over and showed me how to make it.  Yes, she cooked it for me at home and I consider this the best way to learn.  Seeing and learning! Now, I make this often and also found out that Telugu's also make a similar curry. Here is the recipe as I know it and I hope you will love it :-)

pulikuzhambu for blog


Garlic-2 full(peel the cloves)
Shallots-10(cut into halves)
Cumin seeds-1/4+1/2 tsp
Fenugreek(uluva)-1/4 Tsp
Tamarind water-To taste(preferably on higher side)
Salt-To taste
Turmeric-1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder-1/2Tsp
Kashmiri chilli powder-1 1/2Tsp
Coriander powder-2 1/2Tsp
Coconut- 1/2 cup grated and ground with min water


1.Heat a pan and shallow fry peppercorns and 1/4tsp cumin seeds(without any oil)
2.Remove that and pour oil in the pan and heat.Meanwhile grind the coconut, and dry fried peppercorns and cumin seeds.
3.Splutter cumin seeds and then fenugreek seeds.
4.To this add the ground coconut mixture and saute for a while.
5.Put chilli, coriander and turmeric and saute till the raw smell goes
6.Slide in shallots and garlic cloves and saute for a few minutes on medium heat.
7.Pour in the tamarind water and adjust the consistency and boil well
8.Serve with rice and pappad.

You could add vegetables like okra, brinjal etc to this curry.


Contributor: Namitha


  1. I just love pulikuzhambu although I make it in a couple of different ways of which this is one. We call this kaara kuzhambu though. Anyway, I cannot agree with you more on the tangy, spicy and yet tasty part. I like it a lot with rice and fried papad though :-).

  2. Pulikuzhambu looks so tempting!!!

  3. Its yummmm and tangy!Truly delectable with rice..makes me drool..

  4. Wow Lip-smacking kozhambu!! I wudn't mind shamelessly polishing off the plate when I have this kozhambu!! ;)
    Nice click dear, as always!! :)

  5. Good one da.. you come with some nice curries when I am stuck with sambar all the time.. Thanks for sharing.

  6. nice post dear...............curry looks tempting.

  7. My mother used to make this kuzhambu often. I particularly like it when channa is added.. the pic looks very tempting!

  8. Beautiful click.. I love the tanginess in it!!

  9. Yummy and tangy gravy...Almost like our theeyal,will giv a try for sure...

  10. lovely dish gulmohar...liked the recipe yummy & delicous

  11. love this recipe....excellent click, dear..looks yummy!

  12. Beautiful picture as always!The dish sounds wonderful pouring all over a bowl of lemon rice!

  13. I love such tangy curries...looks delicious.

  14. Looks so mouthwatering. YUM!. Nice picture...

  15. Sigh...give me some hot rice and thia kulambu..i will eat away to glory..I too make it too many variations..nice click.

  16. pulikuzhabu looks yummy!!
    grt pic dear

  17. That looks delicious! Could I make it with cauliflower?

  18. Pulikuzhambu, real comforting food for me, just love with papads, am drooling rite now here...

  19. Thanks a ton for the encouraging words...:-)

    Vrinda : Though it looks like theeyal the taste is entirely different. Pl try it and let me know :D

    Shady character :Yes, you could :-)

    Anupama & Priya : Yes Rice &pappad is the best combi with this..lipsmacking ;-)

  20. Waah! Pulikuzhambu is superb! It looks spicy and appetizing!

  21. Mm delicious pulikuzhambu.. Want to have with appalam and boiled egg da..!;)

  22. Looks lovely. One of my all time favorite.

  23. Looks like a tangy dish and a great tongue tickler.

  24. First time hearing the name.Looks very delicious..

  25. Thanks guys...Sanghi, thanks for reminding me about the egg combi..:-)

  26. wow! such a lovely presentation... looks delicious:)

  27. Thanks for this recipe Namitha! I used to luv this curry when we were in Chennai and never made it my self,infact was searching for this recipe for quite sometime.I think the another attractive part of this curry is you can enjoy a very tempting dish even when there is hardly any veggies left in your fridge!

  28. I love this gravy,My aunty will prepare this delicious gravy for me.urs looks similar.


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