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Broccoli and Mushroom in Chinese sauce

How are you today?  I am feeling quite happy.  What else can I say with all the love that is flowing in with so many awards.  We received our third award 'Lovely Blog Award' from Kitchen Queen and the fourth 'A Fabulous Blog Award' from Rohini.  Thank you to the two of you and we are happy you thought us worthy.

Here is a lil something from our college days and the recipe following it.


 On a rainy 29th July afternoon around the end of the 20th century in Mangalore; a group of friends dressed in salwars, skirts, jeans and tops holding their white lab coats and sheltered under their bright swan umbrellas walked up from their science lab to the college church and the Art division beyond.  They meet another set of friends from the Art department and stays to chat.  Plans are made to visit a Chinese restaurant Hao Hao (pronounced How How).
  A little about Hao Hao; they dish out scrumptious Indio-Chinese food and is flocked by students from  colleges in it's vicinity.  Medical, Engineering, Arts, all college students!  The joint is reasonably priced to target the student crowd.   A snippet from the aforementioned college student’s conversation goes as follows:
Arts: Hey, How about lunch at Hao Hao (pronounced like how)
Science: Hm…sounds like a plan! However, I am wondering How how?
Arts: You mean you want to go to another place?
Science: Arre yaar! (Hindi movies were very popular even in the South of India) At the end of the month with no money ‘how how’ will you eat at ‘Hao Hao’?
  Either ways, the couple who ran Hao Hao a year and half after this particular conversation above took another space to start their upbeat new restaurant Hao Ming.  Classier than Hao Hao and yet visited by students.


So here is the recipe inspired by the above mentioned restaurants:
Ingredients for Vegetable Fry:
Broccoli florets – 2 cups (around 200 gms)
Mushroom        - 10 big ones
Egg – 1
Corn flour – 4 tbspn heaped
Rice flour – 1 tbspn heaped
Ginger garlic paste – 1 tspn
Black or white pepper powder – 1 tspn
Oil – for deep frying
Ingredients for the sauce
Oil – 1 tbspn
Green Chilies    - 4 – 6 according to how much heat you can tolerate
Chili sauce – 1 tspn
Soya sauce – 1 tbspn
Spring onions – 2
Chicken stock – 1 cup
Water – 1 cup
Salt – to taste


1.       Mix well beaten egg, 3 tbspn corn flour and the rice flour into a flowing batter to dip and fry the veggies
2.       In hot oil deep fry the broccoli and mushrooms coated in the above batter
3.       In a hot skillet add 1 tbspn oil and add your onions, ginger and garlic in this order and sauté
4.       Add capsicum (bell pepper) and sauté
5.       Add chili and soya bean sauce and sauté for just a minute or two
6.       Add water and chicken stock and bring to a boil
7.       In ½ cup of water mix 1 tbspn of corn flour and add this liquid to the boiling stock
8.       Sauce is ready when it thickens.
9.       Pour over the fried veggies or your could serve the fries into your plate with your rice or noodles and pour the sauce over it
10.   Garnish sauce with spring onions

Serve with hot white rice or noodles

Contributor: Sunitha


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  24. I am a regular visitor of Hao Hao & Hao Ming! They are just fab!!

    Your dish looks yumm! Loved that flower shaped bowl!

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