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Even the thought of Aviyal makes me nostalgic.It reminds me of my vallyammachi's (grandma's)cooking .I learned this recipe from her, an excellent cook. Though she is a vegetarian she cooks non veg dishes and makes sure they are perfect paying attention to the smell :-) She is the one who brought up my sis and me,when we were kids, since my mom was employed.  While preparing the vegetables she would tell us many stories about cooking. She says the taste of the curry starts right from the way you cut the veggies :-) According to her carrots and French beans are all foreign veggies, and adds that her mother never used them in aviyal and other authentic dishes.


Here is the recipe for aviyal ,which is an important item in the Hindu marriage feasts in Kerala. I know that from place to place the recipe varies, though it is such a popular dish. Here is my version, rather Central Travancore version :-)


Raw banana-1
Ivy gourds(kovakka)-4
Snake gourd- 2 pieces that are 2 inches long
French beans-7-8
Long beans(pachappayar)-4
Brinjal(vazhuthananga)- 1/2
Winter Melon(kumbalanga)- A 4inch long piece
Yam (chena)- A 2 inch long piece
Drumsticks- 5-6 two inch long pieces (1 drumstick)
Green chillies- 4-5

Coconut oil -1 +2 Tbsp
Curry leaves-2 Sprigs
Tamarind Juice
Turmeric powder-1 1/2 tsp
Red Chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
Cocnut-grated and half ground- 1/2 cup
Cumin powder/ cumin seeds-1/2 tsp (If you are using powder , a little less)



1.Cut all the veggies into slender pieces
2.Pour 1Tbsp coconut oil in a pan and add all the vegetable pieces along with the green chillies, turmeric and red chilli powder
3.Mix in everything for a couple of minutes.
4. Throw in a sprig of curry leaves and salt.
5.Pour water ,enough to cook the veggies (Don't add too much water, remember that some of the vegetables like winter melon leaves out lot of water) and cover the pan
6. Cook till it is almost done
7.Pour the tamarind juice and cover and cook for a few minutes (If you pour tamarind juice early, the dish will turn dark in color)
8.Add the coconut and cumin to this, mix well, cover and cook for a couple of minutes.
9. Switch off the heat and add smashed shallots and curry leaves along with the 2 Tbsp coconut oil.
10. Mix well and transfer into the serving bowl.
11. Enjoy with rice , sambar and pappad :-)

You could use any vegetable of your choice. Also you could replace the tamarind juice with sour curd or raw mango.


Contributor : Namitha


  1. wow, ur picz are as always excellent!! and i just love aviyal

  2. nice pics dear..........yummy curry.

  3. Beautiful picture! The dish sounds very delicious.

  4. Avial looks nice Namitha!Nice pic too! I make it with raw mango or yogurt normally.Will try with tamarind juice next time.

  5. This is my all time favorite :-)

  6. sadarana aviyal enikishtamilla pakshee ..ithu adipoli..:)

  7. Brillinat pics...
    Never tried with tamarind juice...gotta try next time
    looks really yummy...

  8. I can have this over and over again..just love it.nice pic

  9. i luv to have this aviyal as it is...and beautiful click...

  10. Good one.. the main difference between how you make and I do is that I add garlic and don't do the shallots at the end. I have to try it your way soon. Loved the pictures!

  11. Hmmm...really nice pic...delicious aviyal...

  12. Hi gulmohar. I love aviyal too especially when it's only coconut based.

  13. Nice click as usual...avial is one of my fav dishes too..Urs look so colourful & delicious...

  14. very differnt aviail than our usual version.the combination of veggies r also new.sounds intersting.Nice click too

  15. Adipoli avial...Perfect dish with kuthari...

  16. Wow Aviyal looks pleasing, quite a different from the usual version..yumm!

  17. Namitha,
    I prepare it in the same way.
    Tempting presentation as usual!

  18. Thank you Gulmohar,

    for sharing your love on my blog...for the words of appreciation.... & LOOK WHO'S TALKING!!!!!!!

    You have a nice & neat place... too... It was gr8 to know, your space..... Do keep in touch....


  19. First time here, lovely collection. I luv Avial. Looks yumm.

  20. hmm shud try this.. we use yoghurt n not tamarind ..

  21. Wow... That is my all-time fav recipe.. But we never add shallots, or tamarind.. I must try this version!!

    Btw, buddies, it is my turn to felicitate your fabulous work! You have been tagged. Please collect your award dearies! :)

  22. namitha, nice recipe. i have tried aviyal with tamarind after my friends suggested, but my mil n mom make with curds! only diff is we dont add onions! looks delicious!

  23. namitha, nice recipe. i have tried aviyal with tamarind after my friends suggested, but my mil n mom make with curds! only diff is we dont add onions! looks delicious!

  24. Thank you dearies...
    As many of you have mentioned, mostly people use curds and it makes aviyal a bit watery. Pl try this version and let me know...cheers !!!!

  25. Gulmohar, I have already notified Kitchen Queen, because most of us are facing this. A temporary workaround is to click on the image that pops up for "word verification" and press "tab" for twice or thrice, now the text box will appear. Hope this helps!!
    PS: You can moderate this comment if necessary!! :)

  26. one of my favourites, wonderfully made!!!!!

  27. I thank the whole team of collaborative curry and thanky u Gulmohar for showering awards on me, and for appreciating my blog.It means a lot to me.I am honoured to get the awards from all of u.

  28. That is one yummy & interesting version of Avial. Looks delicious.

  29. Kanjirapally language-il paranjal....kidalan aviyal...adipoli shots.....aviyal is my favourite


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