Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chutney Powder for Dosa/Idli

How was Thanksgiving break and the Black Friday shopping ? All set for welcoming the biggest festival of the season? We had a wonderful week with sumptuous food and good friends.The weather seems to be nice, well maybe only till today.It is going to snow tomorrow,better it be, since this is almost December and it is Colorado !

Red Chillies_Chutney Powder

This post has been in the my draft for a long long time. I didn't post it since I didn't like the pictures I took that day except the pictures of the chillies. Even now I'm not satisfied with the pictures.Dull colors are always a challenge, would love to hear your experiences.

Chutney Powder

This is a must in my house and I don't know why it took me so long to blog about it ! My kids like this too and they prefer this over the coconut chutney I make.If you haven't tried this yet,I tell you, it's so easy and simple.There are hundreds of versions available on the net, this is how we make it in our home, back in Kerala.I am so happy to share with you, one more recipe, handed over by my mom-in-law.Hope you will try out this version and enjoy it !

Chutney Powder

Chutney Powder


Dried Red chillies- 8-10
Black Pepper corns- ~20
Urad Dal/Black Gram- 1 cup


1.Heat a pan on medium flame/heat.Dry roast the red chilies and the black pepper.This is the only hard part especially if you are sensitive to spicy things.The heated red chilies may make you sneeze, so if you have a mask in handy ,use that.
2.Take the chilies and pepper out and roast the urad dal.Keep the heat on medium and stir continuously.Do not burn the dal.Turn off the heat when the dal chnages to a slight brown color and you start getting the roasted dal smell.
3.Let this cool down a bit.
4.Throw everything in the blender/dry grinder when the dal is still warm enough to hold in your hand.Grind it till you get a slightly coarse powder.
5.Serve a Tbsp or two with some oil (coconut,vegetable, canola or olive0 of your preference as a side for Idli/Dosa.
6.You can store this in an airtight container for several weeks.


1.You can change the number of chilies and pepper corn according to your spice level. The measurements I gave will give you a medium spicy chutney powder.
2.Coconut oil is the best with this powder, but it is a personal preference.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pumpkin Puree and Happy Thanksgiving !

Hope everyone is doing great and getting into the holiday mood.The shops are already full of X'mas decors and holiday goodies. Those who are in US will be planning and preparing for Thanksgiving,which will be on this Thursday.I would love to hear about your menu plans. Are you planning an Indian spread or a traditional feast or a mixture of both ?

Pumpkin Puree

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whipped Cream Cake

Hope those in US had a great long weekend.We had a warm week end and all the snow got melted away.So glad that we are getting some warm days before the freezing winter.

Whipped Cream Cake

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins

Hello ! I am not going to tell you a sorry this time, since I am not going to be irregular here,any more:-) Did I tell you that my little one is a preschooler now ? Time sure flies and in no time he will be in school ! How I wish I could freeze time ! No, I am not complaining,every age is great as a kid. Lil M loves preschool and he is learning a lot new things too. Mamma is happy that she gets some me time and to see that he is getting some new friends. In the beginning when the I asked him whether he has some friends, he told me yes, but when I asked for names,he answered they don't have names,they are all "friends".

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins