Monday, October 5, 2009

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Thank you so much for visiting us. We are on this fantastic roller coaster ride receiving all these wonderful awards from some wonderful people. Hurray! To us and to you for your gentle hearts which makes you share.

So now, you know about our first award; what are we jumping in joy for now? Well, we just received another award, yes, yes, yes, 'A Fabulous Blog' from Sree . Oh! my happiness know no bounds! We feel like the newbie’s in show business who walk away with the ‘Best Fresh Face Award’ or whatever they call it these days. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Oh! how excited we are with all this pampering. Thank you girls! Forgive my repetitive statements I am just delirious with happiness. Now with so much happiness I thought it would be fair to celebrate with some muffins. I know rich moist chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, ribbons and balloons and if you are the drinking kind then champagne would have been ideal for such a wonderful occasion. However, what I have is a quick recipe which anyone can whip up in a matter of minutes. This way we know everyone can try it and have some fun eating them today. You ready? Ok! then let’s go celebrate!

Here is how you make your muffins:

All purpose flour (Maida) - 1 ¾ cup
Sugar (you can do both powdered and granules) - 3 tbspn
Baking Powder - 2 ½ tspn
Salt - ½ tspn
Egg (well beaten) - 1
Milk - ¾ cup
Soft butter / salad oil (sunflower, corn etc.) - 1/2cup
Chocolate chips - ½ cup
Vanilla essence - 2 tspn


1. Mix flour and baking powder sifting them together
2. Add sugar, salt and the chocolate to this
3. To the well beaten egg add oil, milk and vanilla essence
4. Add wet mixture to the dry ingredients
5. Fold in using a spatula. Do not over beat because this will make your muffins hard.
6. Spoon the batter into your 12 muffin pan and bake it at 400 degree F in a pre heated oven for approximately 20 minutes.

The recipe is inspired from ‘Better Homes’ recipe book and I have changed a little here and there to make it to my liking.
Contributor: Sunitha


  1. Looks tempting..Am going to get some chocolate chips (I have all the other things with me !)and try them out :-)

  2. This one I surely have to try out.

  3. What pretty muffins you have made!Yummy and daughter loves it...want to give a try..:)

  4. So tempting and yummyy..Nice click too

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  6. Muffins looks Super!!!Nice click too..

  7. These r my son's fav,mine too...looks

  8. Delicious muffins. My kids will sure love these for breakfast.

  9. muffins, looks mouth watering..

  10. Thank you all for your support.. do let me know in case of questions!

  11. I like the pics (and muffins too) :-)

  12. mmm. choco chip muffins!! look absolutely tempting and yummy :)

    Thank you for dropping by!! YOu have a nice blog.

  13. Hey gulmohar u have an award waiting for u in my blog. please collect it.

  14. looks yummy! what a coincidence. i made the same choc chip muffins last evening!

  15. Yummy muffins, and nice click too..

  16. Thank you everyone.. Kitchen Queen we have accepted your award and updated the information on the left side. We will have this mentioned in our next post as well. Thank you very much, we really appreciate it.

  17. Wow.. such tempting muffins.. mmm.. u left me craving for some! :)
    btw, pls collect your award from my blog dear.. it is waiting! :)

  18. Tempting muffins.good tea time snack

  19. Do visit my blog when u find time

  20. Thank you Rohini.... we will collect it today! :)

  21. I'm squealing with delight! These things look awesome. I would not share these if I had them.


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