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Peach, Lime and Coconut Pops- A Guest Post By Soma

Collaborative curry is truly honored to have Soma here,as today's guest ! Most of you know her through her amazing blog, ecurry.ecurry is a wonderful blog with amazing photos and great recipes. Her pictures are beautiful and inspiring. I adore her photographs and love her Bengali recipe collection.I have tried this simple potato fry with quintessential bengali five spice mixture,panch phoron and it is great. She has quite a lot of baking recipes too.The flavor combinations that she uses in baking are quite intriguing.She has a number of cake recipes with oranges and once I ask her whether she has an interesting recipe for a cake, to use up the bunch of blood oranges I had at home .She was so sweet to share this recipe,even before she published it in her blog.She typed the recipe and send me in a message. It is a perfect combination of orange and chocolate flavors,you must try it.

I am so lucky to have Soma as a friend.I always enjoy our conversations in Facebook and Twitter, and I hope to meet her when she makes her next visit to Colorado as she has promised me. I feel great to have you here Soma,Thanks a bunch ! Though you were so busy with your personal matters,you took time to finish this post and I really appreciate it.I can't wait to make these pops for my kids.

No summer is complete without the fruity frozen pops. Today we have a refreshing twist to the classic Peaches and Cream.

Besides making the fun summer treats for the kids, they make memories; memories of summer vacations, of afternoons that are too hot to go out and play. Going back to my childhood days, I would yearn to have the colored pops that the street side ice cream carts sold. The seller would walk the sweltering streets when the sleepy heads rested heavily on the pillows. I would have dozed off while reading a book and I would hear him “Ice…[pause] Cream“. Sometimes all the cousins teamed up to spend the afternoon together. The sound of the ice cream cart rolling down the steamy and bumpy roads would have shake our lazy off and run to any adult in the home we could get hold of – moms, aunts, grandmas… pleading with them to buy us those whimsical looking pops. Nothing felt more sensational than to run out with the coins tucked in our palms and pick out the pops – in any colors we wanted. Only it never happened. Never ever.

I suppose we all gave up after uncountable tries and tricks. A child’s mind never understood how those bright, delicious pops could be not so healthy. It never made sense to us. They stained our mouth, clothes and whatever they dripped on; that seemed like a lot of fun. We would have bared our teeth and looked in the mirrors to see how they funny the teeth looked, or our tongue. We would also lick the sticky drips down our elbows or made silly shapes as we sucked on the pops. But I do not remember that happening with the mid afternoon ice cream truck, rolling down the lane.

Instead we would freeze fruit juice or fruit pulps, (ah! mangoes!) almost every day of the summer. No fancy rainbow ice cream pops, or pretty molds. It would be either in one large container, which made the arms sore from scraping, or sometimes in small individual bowls. It did not matter.

I see the same joy in the eyes of my girls, the same crazy excitement when they pour out juice or fruity pulps in molds or glasses and impatiently wait for them to freeze to suck on them. It is indeed magical that certain things never change. Not a single day goes by in my home when we do not have some kind of pop in the refrigerator during the summer vacation. If I do not make it, they make their own.

The symphony continues, across place and time…

Peaches galore! The sweet smelling, plump stone fruits have taken over the shelves and aisles of the summer market. It would be totally unfair if I did not use them to make at least one frozen dessert.

These pops are for Namitha, who blog at the Collaborative Curry. It was not that long back that we starting conversing beyond our blogs. Every little exchange got us a little bit closer. That she belongs to the beautiful state of Kerala, makes me feel I have a fine invisible thread connecting me to her. During my school years, I had a big groups of friends from her home state and the rich, flavorful and unique cuisine I enjoyed in their homes still linger in my memories, making me long to have that lip-smacking fish curry and the banana chips or the halwa made with rice flour and jaggery which they always got back from Kerala after summer vacation. I can still smell the food on the table – fish curry with green mangoes, or the pickled shrimp that I craved for every day. Collaborative Curry features lovely recipes from Kerala. But there is more – cakes, and cookies, breads and some pretty photographs to lure you into her kitchen and traditions.

These are really easy to make and it is even more fun when the children are involved.

Coconut milk and lime

combined with peaches cooked for a while with sugar and zest,

and the molds are filled in a matter of few minutes.

Here are some toppled pops; for accidents happen – it is a story that every single food photographer will tell…

I hear summer is slipping away soon in some parts and before it does, I should hand over these pops to Namitha.

Peach, Lime and Coconut Pops

Preparation Time: Less than 30 minutes
Cooking Time: Less than 30 minutes
Difficulty Level: Easy:
Serves/Makes: 8 pops


400 ml coconut milk
2 tablespoon + 3 tablespoon sugar (Or as needed) – feel free to use any other sweetener
2 tablespoon + 1 tablespoon lime juice
zest of 2-3 really large lime (not the key lime size) – approx. 2 – 2.5 tablespoon – divided (you may use more if you want)
4 – 5 medium sized ripe peach

Note: If you want a very creamy consistency for the pops, use coconut milk (not light) without stabilizers and allow it to sit in the refrigerator over night. Open the can without shaking it and remove the cream from the top. You would need a few cans to have the same amount of the milk I have used. Use up the lighter milk for some other dishes/drink.


If you want to peel the peaches: With a paring knife to make a small “x” through the skin at the base of each peach. Bring a pot of water to a boil (should be large enough for all the peaches to be completely immersed). Prepare an ice bath. Boil the peaches for about half a minute and then remove them with a slotted spoon, into the ice water. Peel off the skin.

Half each peach, remove stones and chop them in to small pieces. In a heavy bottomed pan, combine peaches, a tablespoon of lime juice and sugar (or any other sweetener) and allow it to macerate for a about an hour. Then simmer everything together at low heat for about 15 minutes or until the peach softens and they are of a jammy consistency. If you have blanched the peaches, the cooking time might be less. Switch off the heat and stir in the zest. Cool and then chill in the refrigerator.
Muddle 2 tablespoon of sugar with half the zest. Combine with coconut milk and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Combine lime juice, and the zest and coconut milk mix in a blender and blend until it is well combined and a bit frothy. Allow it to sit in the refrigerator and chill. The froth/foam will also settle down.
Once the zest infused coconut milk and the cooked peaches are chilled, combine them in the pop molds/or disposable glasses. When they are partially frozen, insert the sticks on the pops. If you want to layer them, you have to freeze between adding layers. When filled, freeze until all are frozen.
Enjoy the summer!


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