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Herbed Focaccia

"Mamma Mamma,I broke my hair". Little M was trying to grab my attention by pulling my trousers and I looked down saying "oh, it's ok! How did you break the hair? What happened?" Lil M looked at me confused as if he was wondering why his mother was not taking him seriously. He persisted and explained how he pulled his hair. But what made my jaw drop is when he said " I need to see a doctor". "What!" I thought in my head, but trying hard hard not to crack up said, "It's ok buddy!. You don't need to see a doctor if you broke a hair. It is fine". He looked evern more perplexed with my calm and dolefully said "Ok, so can I have a Bandaid then?" This time I couldn't stop laughing out loud. Now, you help me understand, am I dealing with a dumb or a smart boy at home?

Herbed Focaccia

Stories apart, today I want to share the recipe for a focaccia. A simple and easy method,which I have been following successfully at home. Are you intimidated about yeast/yeast breads? If yes, then this is a perfect recipe to start with. You could never go wrong with a Focaccia recipe,like this. I have tried it several times and it always turned out perfect.

Herbed Focaccia

The texture is great and the taste is wonderful !

Herbed Focaccia


Lukewarm water- 1 3/4 cups,divided
Sugar- 1 tsp
Active dry yeast- 2 tsp
Bread flour- 3 cups
A P flour- 3/4 cup
Salt- 2 tsp
extra virgin olive oil- 1 Tbsp

For Olive Oil topping:

Warm Olive oil- 3 Tbsp
Optional herbs/spices:(You can combine your favorites)
Freshly ground black pepper - 1/2 tsp
Dried oregano- 2 tsp
Dried basil- 1 tsp
Dried sage
Fresh Rosemary- 2 Tbsp (1 tsp if dried)
Garlic powder- 1 tsp


1.Take 1/4 cup of lukewarm water and mix yeast and sugar and set aside for a couple of minutes or until its frothy.
2.In the bowl of your electric mixer - mix the flour, and salt together.
3.Add to it a tablespoon of oil and mix again.
4.Start pouring in the rest of the lukewarm water into the dough and start mixing.
5. Follow it with frothy yeast and continue mixing the dough.
6.Slowly add the rest of the water and mix until the dough comes together and leave the sides of the bowl.
7.Continue kneading for 5-6 minutes or until the kneading is done. (you can test this by pushing down the dough with your finer and if it is done, the dough will bounce back).
8.The dough shouldn't be too tight. It is better if it's on the stickier side.
9.Take out the dough from the bowl and make a smooth ball out of it.Spoon over some olive oil to coat the dough ball and the bottom of the bowl.Cover this and keep in a warm place to rise to double. This may take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
19.Take out the dough from the bowl and knead on a lightly floured work surface.
20.Prepare a baking pan by greasing and place the dough in it and flatten the dough till it is about an inch thick.
21.Cover it and let it rest for 30-40 minutes.
22.Preheat the oven at 400 degree F.
23.Make the herb oil by warming the oil in a microwave safe bowl/to be on a safer side, keep in a thick bottom pan that is small and warming the oil. If you are using a microwave, be very careful, do not burn yourself or the oil :-) Keep the oil for 15 seconds and check and keep another 15 seconds until it is warm enough.
24.Mix the herbs in the warm oil and mix well.
25.When the dough is ready, risen double, dimple it with your finger tips and brush with this herb oil.
26.Bake on the center rack of the oven for 18-20 minutes or until it is slightly browned on top.
27.Cool on a wire rack before you slice it.

Sending this bread to Yeastspotting.


1.You could use any pizza recipe to make this bread.
2.The herb toppings is up to your imagination. You could use any combo of your choice.
3.You could add more olive oil on the top if you wish.

Adapted from : Flavored breads by Mark Miller and Andrew Maclauchlan
and Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart
Contributor: Namitha


  1. Perfectly done, looks awesome. Cute little M is smart and way to ask for a band aid.

  2. your son is indeed smart Namitha. I never tried this idea with my mother, puthiya generation de oru buddhi :)

    hey I am also from the new gen but he is more new than me or say latest generation, that's a better usage right?

    By appearance the preparation looks like dhokla but the recipe is very different. Thanks for sharing. At least kanuvenkilum chaiyamallo :)

  3. Oh thats so cute and smart of your son...:)
    Focaccia looks perfect...soft textured...

  4. That is so cute! And lovely focaccia :)

  5. This is my favorite bread. When I go to panera or some other places, I always order for this. Love your herbed version. Great exectuion :)

  6. Soooo sweet of your son. That sounded very innocent as well as smart :)

    Bread looks fantastic. Yeast is a nightmare to me. But your recipe kind of gives me the confidence to try it out :) will give it a shot asap :)

  7. he is sooo adorable...bandaids are a hit at my home as well....the best thing is they think that is some agic and all will bewell once they put it on...the bread sounds gud and looks to try it sometie

  8. Ur lil boy is so sweet...
    The bread looks perfectly baked and yummy... U have a lovely space gals... Happy to follow u...

  9. The texture looks very different from the regular foccacia.
    Sounds simple and easy.

  10. Thanks guys :-)

    @? : I'm curious, I didn't get you completely when you say, the texture is very different from regular focaccia. Can you explain a little more ? Thanks :-)

  11. looks fab!!! Been wanting to do it for quite sometime!i am sure i can't find a simpler recipe!Thx for sharing!!Just wanted to know if i can substitute the bread flour with APF/maida since i've moved to india and bread flours are out of reach!!!

  12. Love your sweet lil boy... He is choo chweet...

    The focaccia looks great. I ve never had this, but looks so soft n yumm..

    Also did I tell you that the cake was awesome. Shall post it soon on my blog :)

  13. cute. Enjoy these moments.

    Focaccia looks fabulous.

  14. He is soo sweet, foccacia looks excellent,prefect and flavourful.;

  15. Perfectly baked bread...irresistable!...cant stay away from fresh breads!

  16. loved ..loved reading it..
    Awesome clicks too

  17. ha ha cute lil one! Focaccia looks amazing!

  18. @My cooking experiments: I get this question very often :-) The whole idea of using bread flour is to get a more glutinous dough. In this case, if you use all purpose flour, it won't be a big deal, I guess.Because this is quite similar to a pizza dough. But definitely you will not get the same texture as you use Bread flour. Hope this helps :-)

  19. Enjoyed reading your writeup Nami..Milan-nte kooduthal stories poratte :) Focaccia ente fav annu..Pics are gorgeous as always..

  20. Hugs to the li'l boy....he has a point though, you rush to the first aid if he hurts right?
    These look such awesome slices of wonderfully baked focaccia.


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