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Bok Choy and Portabella Mushrooms

I read some methods of cooking bok choy, and then decided to mix it up with some portabella mushrooms. I have to say I was not disappointed. I am skeptical about buying new vegetables and trying them at home. Alternatively, if it’s from a restaurant, I am more receptive. Since Chinese cuisine is one of my favorites, I decided to go out and pick up some Chinese cabbage, fancy mushrooms, and sprouts. So the first one to make the list was bok choy, and I am glad about this decision.


Sautéing was the first option, but then I added some vegetable stock to make it wet. I like this since I can eat it even with plain rice. It will also be a great accompaniment with a meat dinner.

Bok Choy and Mushrooms

When trying new vegetables or meats, I try to stick with familiar flavors to begin with. Even though pairing every vegetable or meat with the same flavor may not be the right approach, when it’s Chinese cuisine I hope you will agree ginger and garlic won’t be too wrong. Also, ginger and garlic is a personal favorite so I decided to go all out and try.

Bok choy and Mushrooms

Bok choy and mushrooms flavored with soyabean sauce, chilies, ginger and garlic. I hope you will enjoy this simple dish. A simple dish, but the earthy mushrooms and bok choy will make you forget how simple, and every mouthful will be a delight. I have used portabella mushrooms, which according to me, is far superior in taste from the regular white ones.
This dish is spicy hot!

Baby Bok Choy - 5, split in two
Baby Portabella Mushrooms - 20, split in two or four
White vinegar - 2 Tbspn
Water - 2 Tbspn
Dry Red Chilies - 6
Garlic - 3 – 4 cloves
Ginger - ½ inch piece
Shallots - 2
Soya Bean Sauce - 2 Tbspn (you may add more if you want to make the taste prominent)
Vegetable Stock - ¼ cup
Oil - 1 Tbspn
Salt - to taste
Sesame Seeds - 1 tspn or if you like more you may toast and add 2 tspn full.


1. Mix white vinegar and water in a small bowl
2. Soak chilies, ginger and garlic in this mixture for at least an hour
3. Drain and grind this to a coarse paste with a pestle and mortar
4. Heat 1 Tbspn of oil in a wok or pan wide enough to stir the bok choy and mushrooms
5. Add the ground mixture and stir for a minute or two or until the chilies and garlic release their cooked aroma. Add bok choy and mushrooms and sauté
6. When edges of the bok choy turn light brown, add soyabean sauce and stir for a minute
7. Add vegetable stock, close and cook till bok choy is tender. This will not take long since we have already sautéed the vegetables.
8. Toast sesame seeds and sprinkle before serving.

Contributor: sunitha


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