Friday, February 18, 2011

Naadan Pork Vattichathu / Kerala-Style Pork Curry - Dry

So what do you do when you have a considerable amount of fat deposited around your waist, and find yourself dancing to lady Ga Ga’s tune in a pub/club passé?  I would work on that waist again!  No, not to lose it but to get it all rounded up like a ‘muffin top’ as Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book ‘Eat Pray Love.’ And the best way to do it is enjoy your friend’s home cooked pork.  Deliciously pungent and nicely fatty, it is most appropriate for a Friday evening.  Let’s kick start this party with food, food and more food.

 Naadan Pork Curry

 It’s rare for me to look at weekends so happily in advance.  Most often, I feel the weekend only by Saturday afternoon.  And then I am whining“OMG! Weekend is over!" Once the words are out, that's it! It get’s all melancholy!  The remaining 1 ½ days are wasted.


Does this happen to you?  You have something in hand; don’t realize its worth until it is too late.  Of course! Everybody knows such things, it’s a cliché.   But then remember what I told you earlier, take this weekend head on and enjoy.  Don’t listen to me whatever age we are, we can still swing to the beats of Lady Ga Ga or Justin Timberlake.  Let’s get this thing rolling!

Naadan Pork Curry

By the way, don’t cook this recipe by yourself.  Print it out on a nice card and gift it to your friend.  Remember what I said, it tastes best when another makes it for you. Have fun!

Pork shoulders - 2 lb
Coriander Powder - 5 Tbspn
Turmeric Powder - 1 Tspn
Chili Powder - 2 Tbspn
Garam Masala - 1/2 tspn
Onions - 3 medium size
Ginger paste - 1 Tbspn
Garlic - 1 Tbspn
Coconut milk- 1 Tbspn
Green chilies - 5 nos
Curry Leaves

1. Chop pork shoulders into small cubes and set aside
2. Take coriander, turmeric, chili and garam masala in a small wok or skillet and heat it stirring to make sure it does not get burned but until the mixture give off its aroma.  Switch off stove transfer the mixture instantly onto any dish to avoid further cooking of the powder.
3. Chop onions and saute followed with slit green chilies
4. Follow up with ginger, garlic, curry leaves and once this express the cooked aroma add the toasted powder.  Once oil expresses add the coconut milk which will help to soothe the pungent masala and then add the tomatoes and cook until they are soft. 
5. Take your time with the above step, it's best when the masala is slowly cooked and oil clears the pan.
6. Slide in the pork and stir to coat the masala.  Cook on a low heat, the pork will cook in it's own water but if you find it difficult add some water about 1/2 cup and cook on low heat until pork is soft. 
7. After about 15 minutes make sure you stir the mixture well to avoid burning the masala.
8. Garnish with Curry leaves and serve.

1. The dish is pungent and have a concentrated flavor of coriander powder.  It pairs well with idiyappams, sannas, appam etc which have a sweet flavor.
2. This recipe is also my friend Jaya's.  Thank you!

Contributor: Sunitha
Recipe Courtesy: Jaya


  1. My daughter loves lady ga ga :-)
    My mom loves pork dishes , especially with the fat on :-) we kids never inheritted her passion for pork curry .

  2. Yum! I see you have those tantalizing sannas (that I cannot get out of my mind) on there too. BTW - does pork shoulder have bone in it?

  3. I am not a fan of lady gaga. Pork curry adipoli. .

  4. Thank you guys!

    Ann - You can buy it without bones too. It's the shoulder cut of the meat which has lines of fat and that helps to tone down the masala, some.

  5. Both the recipe and your writing are enjoyable... the dish looks lovely and warm though....

  6. The curry looks fantastic. Superb!!! :)

  7. Looks super delicious,makes me hungry

  8. very imple but surely flavour packed.......i was readg abt weekend and sat is nearly here......i hope all of our weekend go well with some fun and frolic

  9. looks terrific and mouthwatering..

  10. So tender and delicious! Wonderful!

  11. it looks great!...the masala looks awesome!
    I dont eat pork so with chicken would be awesome!

  12. Love your masala. Good idea on printing it out on a card for a friend to make!

  13. he he not sure what a friend would say if i gave the recipe looks great though enjoy the weekend hope the kids feel better soon rebecca

  14. This curry should help get rid of the excess on the waist (along with the dancing!); great flavors!

  15. the pork curry looks nice and spicy....i was actually looking for a Kerala based Pork dish other than vindaloo...found it!!

  16. Looks awesome been age i had pork, no way I can cook pork at home now. Should try perhaps with chick!

  17. Your first paragraph sounds too funny! :D

    Your pork curry sounds fantastic! Definitely better when some else cooks it for you.

  18. eventhough i dont eat pork, it looks delicious...

  19. loved your version of "So what do you do when you have a considerable amount of fat deposited around your waist"... I will definitely exercise...

    It took me a lot of time to lose it and I never wish to have it again...

    It took me 3 months to remove the complete fat percentage in my body to a single digit... need to maintain it :)

    pork fry is my favorite but stopped eating them after started workouts... Gopu asked me last time we met for an ice cream party..."Abs(he calls me that way, though I have a goodname) why do you quit fat... it is your time to eat. Once you are old you will never be able to experience thse dishes"...

    entha chaiya, body maintain chaiyende :(

  20. Good tip, I must print this out and pass it to someone to cook it for me...haha The curry looks SO good...mmm. Thanks very much for sharing Hope you have a wonderful day. MaryMoh at

  21. What a tasty & lovely appetizing dish!


  22. chechi..oru rakshayum illa kto..adipoli...!!!
    I have been reading Her second one to EPL ..Committed...and was thinking about it over and over and then i saw you mentioning her !!!!


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