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Aval Payasam/Rice flakes or beaten Rice Pudding

Today’s is a recipe that took shape in 1960’s or maybe even earlier in my family.

It has been a while since we posted old recipes, hasn’t it? Hopefully, this one will change that and intrigue you enough to be included in your collection of ‘antiquities’. Valiyachen (my maternal grandfather) handed down this recipe for payasam to my father. Well, there is no hand-written-yellowed copy of this recipe to boast. However, like all Indian recipes learned by observing. My father learned it from –Valiyachen- and my sister and me from our father. And now, it makes me quite happy to share this treasure with you. Life cycle of a recipe! Huh!

I cannot help but say a little more about Valyachen. He was an avid cook. He was so good; I think he was better than my granny or mom. (I will have to convince my mom I don’t mean that). Valiyachen's industry is well known; running a business, laboring in the paddy-fields with the workers, cultivating thil/gingely/ellu and beans (urad) as in-between crops (crops done in-between paddy season), and cooking too. He was multi-talented. The thil (sesame) yielded from his fields he made into ellundas(jiggery sweetened sesame balls). From the yard – kitchen- mouth, can you imagine! Oh! The taste!
We lost him to cancer when I was just knee high. His memory thankfully is still fresh in my mind. Conversely, his image flashes in my mind like a framed painting; young man standing tall in his white dothi and plaid shirt, both hands busy with totes brimming with goodies, like ellunda,achappam ,upperi etc. His smile was the brightest growing ear to ear spotting us running to him when he visited. He adored and spoiled us and we loved him back with equal strength. I tell you, it amazes me even today how, in a male dominated society he was such a gentleman helping granny in the kitchen and being so adorable all at once.
My mom says grandpa made payasam, whenever it took his fancy. He never bothered to have a reason to celebrate (which is generally when payasam is made). My father takes this cue and does the same these days. I encourage you to do the same.

During my vacation in Kerala we cooked some together, reminiscing about Valiyachen and had a pleasant time. Whilst my children were making their childhood memories I refreshed some of mine!

I agree there is no need for a reason to make payasam but this post coincides with my sister and her daughter’s birthday. Therefore I take this opportunity to wish them both all the love and happiness. Chechi (as my sister calls me) is sharing this payasam with you all to celebrate my lil sister.

Aval Payasam

On a different note, there was a big wildfire in Boulder 2 days back. Some of you might have seen it on tv.Many families lost their houses though almost everyone is safe.About 3,500 acres is burned,8 people are missing and 90 structures are charred. All good thoughts and wishes to those who are affected and the firefighters who worked continuously for 2 days.


Aval/Poha/Rice flakes-100g/1cup
Jaggery/Sarkkara- 200g/1 1/2 cup(1 medium sized ball)
Ghee-1 Tbsp+1 Tbsp
Coconut milk(first pressed milk)-From one med size coconut
Coconut milk(second pressed milk)-From one med size coconut(~4 cups)
Cumin/jeera powder-1 tsp
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Dry Ginger powder-1 tsp

For Seasoning:

Cashews-2 Tbsp
raisins-2 Tbsp


1.Heat ghee and fry the aval till it turns golden brown by stirring continuously.
2.Melt jaggery after adding 2-3 Tbsp of water and sieve it n another pan.
3.Keep a thick bottom pan and pour the melted jaggery into it. Once it is heated up, add the fried aval and stir it continuously for about 20-25 minutes. Add a little more ghee in between.This is to combine aval and jaggery well.
4.Add the second pressed milk and cook well, stir continuously.This may take about 5-6 minutes.The consistency should be sightly on the watery side. Otherwise it gets thicker after you add the first pressed milk and the spices.
5.Meanwhile mix together the first pressed milk and all the spices without any lumps.
6.Switch off the heat and add the coconut milk mixture and mix well.
7.Fry the cashews and raisins in ghee and add into the payasam.

Aval Payasam


1.We used the Brown aval, but you could use the white one too,but use the thicker one.
2.You could replace a part of the coconut milk with the regular milk.
3.If you have never made fresh coconut milk, this note is for you :-).You have to squeeze so hard to take out the fresh first pressed coconut milk without adding any water. Once you are done with this, add a few spoons of warm water and grind it in a mixer or blender and press out the second coconut milk through a sieve.

Contributor: Namitha


  1. looks inviting n mouthwatering....drooooolworthy pics too dear...

  2. payasam looks delicious..thanks for sharing this family recipe/ between Happy birthday to your sis and her daughter..

  3. adipoli b'day to ur sis & her daughter,i remember my achamma making this payasam,same enjoyed this post.
    btw that was indeed a very sad occurrence..Hope they will be back to normal soon !!

  4. Looks so inviting and the snap is so warming....

  5. sounds delicious, never had aval kheer before.

  6. Indeed a warm family post, great grandpa, it reminded me of my grandpa too he is still alive, 87 yrs old, still has the zeal too cook food, he loves to make briyani that too with wood fire, they inspire me :) I imagined ur post completely took me to my family. Ahem to people in Boulder

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    Adipoli payasam Nami, one qtn brown aval ano use cheyyande??

  10. Thanks everyone...
    @ Kairali Sisters:Yes da, We used brown aval. Thanks for reminding :-) I have updated the post too. You could use the white one too

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  12. A great family post and an excellent recipe! Birthday wishes to your sister and her daughter.

    Good wishes and prayers to those who are affected and also to the great firefighters.

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    Sinfully Spicy

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