Monday, November 16, 2009

Pickled Onions and Green Chilies/ Awards

   This is an easy pickling process and the taste is so good its polished clean as easily too.    I especially like its color.  It's eye candy and I leave it on the kitchen counter or occasionally on the dinning table and enjoy looking at it everytime I pass by.  The recipe is passed on by my husband's grandmother.  She is a whiz in the kitchen.  It's amazing how she has all the recipes ingrained in her brain and does not consult notes (recipes) while cooking.  You say the word and she will just blurting out the entire recipe. Very fascinating lady indeed!  Fantastic at violin, cooking and sewing I would call her an all rounder.  She is quite old now and unfortunately not too well.  However, I am sure she would be glad to know I am sharing her recipe with you all.  Enjoy it!

This double shade of the onions in the picture below is as its getting marinated but after bottling in 4-5 days all of it gets evenly colored.

1. Green Chilies
2. Shallots
3. 1 part Water
4. 1 part Vinegar (I used red wine vinegar)
5. Salt

1. Wash the chilies and let the water dry off completely
2. Peel the shallots and wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry cloth respectively until cleaned dry.  This will make sure the onions will stay longer pickled and not get spoilt.
3.  Boil water and dissolve salt in it
4. Once the water cools down add equal part of vinegar and pour over the chilis and onions filled in a bottle.
5. Keep the bottle tighly closed and it will be marinated enough to eat in 4-5 days

Serving: Its a fun pickle.  You can serve it as it is or cut and add them to your salad.
Decoration: Let your imagination take flight.  Keep them in glass bottles of different shapes and size and they look wonderful enough that your guests will go Wow!
Contributor: Sunitha

We got this cute and sweet award from Bigarade of Bittersweet Bigarades Ramblings

Thank you so much and we really appreciate it :-) Now we would like to share with a few blogger friends
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  1. lovely dear........simple and tasy pickle......way to go..

  2. Not only does this sounds delicious, it doubles as a great kitchen decoration. For those looking to give a great housewarming gift or a present of thanks to a dinner invite; this would be a great choice.

    Please extend my thanks to your grandmother-in-law for her great creative culinary skills. (Maybe you and her can do a cookbook together ~ call it "Grand's Cooking Something Grand in Her Kitchen")

  3. Oh gosh! Look at the colour~~so beautiful!

  4. looks colorful..these will be good on salads and subs..

  5. Love pickles in vinegar.Just send me that cute bottle.Love to your grandmother!

  6. these colors can liven up any kitchen space..simple yet effective

  7. Thanks to your husband's grandmother, she is so amazing!!! I love pickles and can't wait to try this wonderful recipe, thank you for sharing:)

  8. That looks awesome.That would make a great showpiece in any kitchen..Love and thanks to your Grand mother-in law :-)

  9. Wow!!Grandmom's always amazes us by giving such great recipes,isn't? Pickels looks so pretty and lovely presentation as well! Thanks for sharing.
    Congrats on ur well deserved award and thanks a lot dear for sharing them with me..will update it soon.:)

  10. Thanks for sharing the award with between..pickled chilli & onions looks gr8..worth a try..thanks

  11. Lovely colorful pickle and easy too.
    Congrats on ur award and thanx for thinking of me....

  12. Pickle...adipoli..Colourful.Congrats on ur awards and thanks alot for sharing with me dear..

  13. Great shot. What goes well with those pickles? I'm curious. And thanks for stopping by my place and for your kind comments.

  14. Thank you guys! Appreciate your well meaning comments.

  15. I bet those pickled onions and chillies would taste great with just plain curd rice :-)...

  16. pickled onions..have never tasted onions in pickle..must give it a try :)

  17. Hi,
    looking forward to checking out your blog :) I love pickled onions hehe much to my hubby's horror hehehe .

  18. This is definite eye candy! Very nice.

  19. Wow! This pickle is gorgeous! It must taste really palatable! Congrats on the animated award and thanks!

  20. Thanks for your comments on my blog... I am going through yours...looks great :)

  21. this one looks too good! and as someone mentioned perfect to be gifted as well! who can say no to pickles. will make this for my dad when i go to kerala. he will love it!

  22. looks great!! Nice idea to pickle onions and green chilies.

  23. Wonderful pickle and more an Awesome kitchen decoration :)
    Thanks for sharing !

  24. I frequent the Dhaba express in Chennai just for these pickled onions and chillies.. Wow, thanks to ur hubby's sweet granny, I now know how to recreate the magic!! Thanks dear for sharing it with us!

    Congrats on your awards, way to go!! :)

  25. Looks too good....I agree with Namitha, it would be a lovely showpiece in any kitchen..thanks for sharing.

  26. oooh!!!! An interestingly new recipe...
    Sounds amazing and looks awesome..
    Would be excellent with kanji right??
    Congrats on the awards and thnx for thinking of me :)

  27. Yum delicious pickle to go with anything.

  28. delicious pickle.Love to taste this with curd rice.Well presented .Excellent click

  29. Dear Sunitha
    Very nice..going to make it for my wife secretly and present her with a surprise. :-).

  30. I forgot
    congratulation to the collaboration for the great award.
    I am thankful and feel honored for sharing with me. Will update soon
    Best wishes

  31. congrats on ur award and thanks a lot for sharing with me.

  32. This is a.k.a Horamavu sauce.. and very tasty...

  33. Hi, this looks lovely. Just wanted to know if the chillies should be marinated as whole, or should they be pierced or slit lengthwise - so the marinade can penetrate the chilli(?). Thanks, Suresh


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